Progress On Park 

Tap Into Jersey City: Behind the Scenes: Progress on Skyway Park Continues, Jersey City Officials Says
Jersey Journal/Star Ledger: First look at COVID-19 memorial grove planned for future Skyway Park
Jersey Journal/Star Ledger: Skyway Park plans advance; Kavanaugh will undo decades of work

 JC Decides To Build Park/December 2020

NY Times: Park With Covid Memorial Is Rising on Site of Former Toxic Dump
Jersey Journal/Star Ledger: Skyway Park to rise on banks of Hackensack River, with special memorial to Jersey City’s COVID-19 victims
Fox5 NY: Planned park in Jersey City would honor victims of COVID-19
News12: Park on Jersey City Superfund site will have virus victims' memorial
Jersey City is transforming a Superfund site into a riverfront park that will include a memorial to the city’s residents who have died from COVID-19. Read more…
NBC News NY: Jersey City Announces Plan for COVID-19 Memorial Park at Former Superfund Site
Jersey City is transforming a Superfund site into a riverfront park that will include a memorial to the city’s residents who have died from COVID-19. Read more…
Hudson County VIew: Jersey City will invest $10M into Skyway Park, which will memorialize COVID-19 victims
Jersey City has announced they will invest $10 million into Skyway Park, which will be constructed on over 30 acres of space on the Hackensack River waterfront, a site where residents who died and were unable to have a proper funeral due to COVID-19 will be memorialized. Read more…
Hudson Reporter: From toxic site to Jersey City park
A 35-year-old toxic Superfund site will be turned into a roughly 30-acre waterfront park in Jersey City after the city announced a $10 million investment to create public access to the open green space on the Hackensack River waterfront. Read more…

 The PJP Landfill

Jersey Journal/Star Ledger: Almost three decades later, a once-simmering Jersey City landfill site is poised to become city's largest park
Jersey Journal/Star Ledger: Cleanup of formerly smoldering landfill wins EPA award
Documentary on Landfill: Ample Entertainment Leads FBI To Possible Jimmy Hoffa Gravesite, Plans Premium Docuseries
The disappearance of notorious mob consort Jimmy Hoffa is one of the great American mysteries and it has moved a step closer to being solved. Read more…
Business Insider: Made Men: A photo tour of the most notorious sites of New York Mafia history – and what they look like now
Many of America’s most infamous gangsters were creatures of New York. I’ve been hearing stories about the five New York crime families of La Cosa Nostra ( Gambino, Genovese, Colombo, Bonanno, Lucchese) for as long as I can remember. It’s part of the lore of living here, as common as discussing real-estate prices. Read more…
NY Times: Search for Jimmy Hoffa Leads the F.B.I. to Jersey City Landfill

A deathbed statement by a man who claimed to bury the Teamster boss’ body in a steel drum brought agents to the site for an inspection. Read more…

NY Times: $250,000 Landfill Scandal Is Charged to 11 in Hudson

A special Hudton County grand jury today indicted 11 persons, including the former county Democratic chairman, on charges of converting more than 100 acres of county parkland into a landfill operation that netted them better than $250,000 between 1967 and 1970. Read more…

NY Times: John J. Kenny Is Found Guilty Of Extortion and Misconduct

Mercer County jury tonight found John J. Kenny, the 54‐year‐old former Hudson County political leader, guilty of extortion and misconduct in office. Read more…