Hackensack River Greenway

Now that Skyway Park is moving forward, the Skyway Park Conservancy has set its sights on a bigger goal: Creation of a Hackensack River Greenway that runs, at least, through Jersey City.  Someday we hope it will extend from Bayonne, at the bottom of Hudson County, up to Secaucus, at the top.

For now, our focus is on Jersey City.  There’s about 5 miles of shoreline in Jersey City.  About 1/3 of it already has a walkway, another 1/3 (like Skyway Park) has walkway plans.  How do we get that last 1/3 built and connected?

More immediately, Skyway Park is less than one half mile from the magnificent trail at Lincoln Park West.  How do we link that trail to the existing trail behind the Prologis warehouse– and to Skyway Park just to the north?

Here are some useful resources towards the goal of building a Hackensack River Greenway: