“The Last Three Miles” by Steven Hart (2007)

    • Excellent history– and a good read– on the construction of the Pulaski Skyway.  Includes stories of the bloody labor wars and JC Mayor Frank (“I Am the Law”) Hague.

“The Meadowlands: Wilderness Adventures on the Edge of a City” by Robert Sullivan (1998)

    • History, archeology & adventure  

“An American River: From Paradise to Superfund, Afloat on New Jersey’s Passaic” by Mary Bruno (2012)

    • The story/history of nearby river, a mix of natural history, environmental politics and outdoor adventure.  There is also a new documentary film version by Scott Morris:

“The Meadowlands Before the Commission: Three Centuries of Human Use and Alteration of the Newark and Hackensack Meadows” by Stephen Marshall  (2004)

    • Interesting article on “History, Ecology, and Restoration of a Degraded Urban Wetland”

“Finding Nature In An Industrial Swamp: A Case Study Of New Jersey’s Hackensack Meadowlands” by Cheryl Ann Hendry   Https://Scholarworks.Montana.Edu/Xmlui/Bitstream/Handle/1/12784/Hendryc0517.Pdf?Sequence=4

    • A thorough and thoughtful analysis, with a sharp look at the history of how wetlands have/should be treated.

Two articles about corruption in JC in the 1970s, from New York Times: