Skyway Park Conservancy

Skyway Park Conservancy was created in 2018 to advocate for a park on the site of the old PJP Landfill.  The group is dedicated to the vision of transforming what was one of America’s most notorious urban toxic dumps into a beautiful natural oasis.  After years of advocacy, going back more than decade, Jersey City announced in 2020 that the city would go ahead and build the park.

Skyway Park Conservancy’s Board of Trustees is made up of community activists from a number of grassroots organizations: Hudson County Sierra Club, BikeJC, Friends of Liberty State Park, Hackensack Riverkeeper and more.  Trustees include a former engineer who helped clean up the site, a retired teacher and activist, two environmental attorneys, a high school principal and social justice advocate and others.

Skyway Park Conservancy is now a tax exempt non-profit organization at both the state and national levels.  Skyway Park Conservancy began with two immediate goals: To work to convince Jersey City to build the park and to rally grassroots support for the effort.

Now that Jersey City is committed to building the park, the Skyway Park Conservancy continues to work with city officials in design and planning.  And, now that Skyway Park is moving forward, the group has set it sights on a larger goal: Development of the Hackensack River Greenway, which will run through Skyway Park along the river shore.  The future looks bright  for Skyway Park Conservancy, for Jersey City, for Hudson County and all of New Jersey.